b3ck wants your input!

I have created a topic in the forums and I am trying to get everyone’s advice on the current bambi ranking system which determines what your loadout is when you spawn into the world as a bambi.

There is currently 10 ranks (11 if you include the default loadout) so what I want everyone to do is post what you think would be a good loadout for each rank.

I’ll try to average everything out between everyone’s replies to the topic and implement it into the server when I feel that we have enough feedback from the community.

Here is the link to the Topic in the forums.



Exilemod for ArmA 3

So exilemod was released recently, it’s another mod for ArmA 3, my favorite of them all so far, so naturally I decided to host a server for it.  You can join it at the following IP;



I hope you join us, it’s a great little community we have =)



Click HERE to auto-join my TeamSpeak3 Server!




ARK: Survival Evolved – Epic Meal Time

Basic Recipe Info and Tips

These recipes are meant for the cooking pot and will not work in a fireplace.
These food items have a 5 hour lifetime on a player and a 20 hour lifetime on dinos.
Charcoal gets made automatically by burning wood/thatch in a fireplace/furnace/cooking pot or standing torches.



ARK: Survival Evolved!


Decided to try out ARK: Survival Evolved, pretty awesome game for it being only developed in 6 months, in Early Access right now and the DEVs are patching it everyday. I started up a Server for the game, it’s pretty easy to setup and we have a small friendly community, so come join us! -b3ck


Help support the server:

You can upvote the server once per 24 hours.



H1Z1 – How-to add extra emotes tutorial

Here it is, enjoy!

Click here for full view

This is not hacking, it’s adding key bindings to emotes that aren’t in the game UI.

You can also click here to download the PDF file.

If you have any questions please feel free to use the forums or add a comment below or click here.

Kind Regards,


Started Streaming Minecraft & H1Z1 on Twitch.tv!

Watch live video from b3ck on www.twitch.tv


Minecraft Server Online & Updated to support 1.8.x clients

 Just a quick update for all those people out there that are still playing on my server.. the server is now updated to support 1.8.x clients!!

I am currently working on several MiniGame Arenas so if you do come online and I don’t respond right away, I’m most likey really into the build and didn’t see your chat =)

If this is your first time visiting the site please join me on my server @ mc.b3ck.com


Hope to see you on the server!


ArmA3:Epoch Dedicated Server Online!

EPOCH LOGOA3:EPOCH Dedicated Server online!


The Dev Team over at EpochMod.com released the A3:Epoch Server files, so I’m hosting the latest version ( on my personal VPS.

Add me on Steam @iamb3ck or join the server to start playing!

The IP is: port: 2302 or you can use b3ck.com port: 2302

If you already have Arma 3 and the Epoch mod installed then..

Just click HERE to join!


Let me know if you guys would like me to start up my Mumble Voice Server, otherwise just use the in-game voice chat.



RuST Dedicated Server Files RELEASED!!!


RuST Server down until full version of game is released.


Garry finally released the RuST Dedicated Server files, so I’m hosting the latest experimental version on my personal VPS, add me on Steam @iamb3ck or join the server to start playing!

The new IP is: but you can use the old addresses from before just with port 28015 for example;

Press (F1) at the RuST Main Menu and enter one of these to connect to the server:

client.connect r.b3ck.com:28015

client.connect rust.b3ck.com:28015

client.connect rusty.b3ck.com:28015

Let me know if you guys would like me to start up my Mumble Voice Server.


Don’t forget to Vote for our server:

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